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Paul Windle Design and Creative Art Studio is home to a multidisciplinary team of talented illustrators and experienced designers. From concept to completion they are involved in producing high quality traditional and digital 3D illustrations, artwork and character development for the licensing, entertainment, consumer product, toy, gaming and creative industries. 

Established in 1989, Paul Windle Design has grown to become the studio of choice for renowned global brands including The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Ravensburger, TOMY and Jumbo, to name just a few. Acting as a valuable outsource resource, they collaborate with Licensors and Licensees who are looking for fresh creative ideas and concept designs.

The Creative Art Studio is known for its friendly helpful attitude and immaculate attention to detail. Their creative flair and quality of work is backed up by the technical knowledge required to take a product through to market. Combining these attributes with the ability to work within budget and to the tightest deadlines has earned Paul Windle Design a world-class reputation.

Some of Our Work

Character Creation

Brand Identity


Style Guides


Concept Art


Who we work with

Meet the Gang

AKA The Modfather

Director and Senior Creative Artist

Pencil concepts and ideas. Character creation, inking and colour rendering. Brand identity and graphic design. The company comedian and dancer.

Likes: Pencils

Dislikes: Erasers

AKA The Young'un

Creative Artist

The amazing sponge-like ability to soak up our teachings.  Producer of character colour rendering and graphic style illustration.  Holds the key to our company Lambretta, named as you would expect "Weller"

Likes: Volkswagen Beetles

Dislikes: Warm beer, cheeky kids and ill-fitting suits

AKA The Dad

Director and Senior Creative Artist

Colour rendering magician and the artist responsible for the sprinkling of our 'magic fairy dust' over every piece of work that leaves the studio.  Possesses an incredible eye for detail and the ability to be first one in the bar come Friday night.

Likes: The bar on a Friday night

Dislikes: Male grooming and Paul Weller

AKA The 'Bond' Girl

Client Services

Our very own 'Bond Girl' is at your service! Focused on building bonds to help clients achieve their goals and deliver their vision.

Likes: Shopping

Dislikes: Housework

AKA The Running Man

Senior Designer and Artworker

Designer and finished artworker.  Colour rendering expert and general technical guru.  Dayle posesses the ability to get into town 10 minutes quicker than it actually takes.

Likes: Pot Noodles

Dislikes: Salad

AKA Raygun

3D modeller & animator

This man of mystery sees the world from a completely different perspective but has the god-like talent of turning the boring into the extraordinary.

Likes: Pies

Dislikes: Veg

AKA Penny Power

Finance Assistant

Possesses a vice-like grip on the company's purse strings. She could give Carol Vorderman a run for her money when it comes to numbers.

Likes: Rock

Dislikes: Rap

Business Development Manager

"Look into the eyes, into the eyes, not around the eyes."

Likes: Challenges

Dislikes: Failure